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Ocean Masquerade Plate

Ocean Masquerade
by Robin Koni

The picture above is of Danbury Mint's Ocean Masquerade. I am delighted
to feature it here on my website to promote the beauty of dolphins...

Please note copyrighted picture, (c) 2000 MBI Inc. All rights reserved.

Riding the Wave Sculpture

Riding the Wave by Mike Atkinson

The picture above is of Danbury Mint's Riding The Wave. I am delighted
to feature it here on my website to promote the beauty of dolphins...

Please note copyrighted picture, (c) 2000 MBI Inc. All rights reserved.

Crashing Waves Plate

Crashing Waves by Robin Koni

The picture above is of Danbury Mint's Crashing Waves. I am delighted
to feature it here on my website to promote the beauty of dolphins...

Please note copyrighted picture, (c) 2000 MBI Inc. All rights reserved.


Dolphins emit a pulse wave which heals the depression of many a soul!
Research has proved that benign dolphins seek out the humans that are
feeling low... They try to cheer others up, they literally go out of
their way to encourage humans to be happy... It is a form of showing
true love, sympathy then soothing, healing, caring and sharing...
At its best, dolphinariums are dolphin-cariums, so to speak...
If you had a gift for helping others to be happy then you wouldn't
deliberately seek to waste it, would you? Dolphins delight in doing
their share in making this world a better place... If we treat them
with respect then they will usually respond to a friendly person...
and then to another, and another, and another... Dolphins have been
likened to dogs, friendly... most of the time... just as some dogs
are lifesavers, so it is with some dolphins! Hence this poem:


God's dolphin came to me last night -
I dreamt it rescued me!
It came to help me in my plight
As I was in the sea!
No other soul appeared in view...
Yet loneliness was gone!
Once God had told it what to do
I wasn't on my own!
The dolphin smiled, extending love,
And helped to ease my mind...
Instinctively I reached above
And left my fears behind!
As I held on, it led the way,
From open sea to shore...
Then other dolphins came to play -
They thrilled me to the core!
Thus tears of joy began to fall,
Replenishing my faith!
By grace, God heard my plaintiff call
And sent a friend to save!
Now near the beach I swam the rest...
Then turned and blew a kiss...
I prayed the dolphins would be blessed,
For they had brought such bliss!
Then off they went, still leaping high -
Their joy of life's unique!
Though water-bound, they yearned to fly,
Another friend to seek!

Denis Martindale © April 2002. and
Search for dolphin pictures and art posters:

Welcome to The Dolphin Zone, a website which includes Danbury Mint
dolphins! I wanted to include details here and have been given kind
permission to share these magnificent copyright pictures which have
inspired the poems below!



The following two poems are especially written for the Dolphin Zone...
Both poems were written on my seeing the new Danbury Mint collectors’
catalogue, Issue 1, for Heirlooms and Treasures in the Sunday Express
for the 23rd of July, 2000 and are repeated in the Dolphin Zone...

Immediately aware of the marvellous Danbury Mint’s collection of
sculptures and fancy plates and so on, I eagerly flicked past the front
cover and read the Director’s introductory message to collectors...

“We work with the top designers, artists and producers in the world -
Steiff, Wedgwood and Royal Worcester, to name a few - to bring you
a selection that’s of the highest quality... So welcome to an exciting
way to shop for Danbury Mint’s heirlooms and treasures...”

My eyes lit up with the two little treasures on page 3, the first one
called ‘Ocean Masquerade’ was a magnificent portrait of a dolphin
yet it also featured several hidden dolphins in the underwater scene.
The rich artwork cleverly depicts them interwoven into the scenery
and it makes you puzzle where they all are...

I can now show you the dolphin pictures from their catalogue, yet
you can surf to for further info
or email: or contact one of their
Customer Service Representatives on 020 8391 1624... or you can
write and request a catalogue or send your comments or enquiries:
Danbury Mint, Customer Service, Cox Lane,
Chessington, Surrey, KT9 1SE...

On checking the website I found the home page:

This had a search link so I typed in dolphin…
this is the webpage that came onto the screen…

This can be selected, copied and pasted into the Internet Explorer
address box and should take you straight there to see the dolphin
products I’ve shared here in the Dolphin Zone…

(NB is the new American and
Canadian site still under construction as at July 2000.)

Ocean Masquerade:

Riding The Wave:

Crashing Waves:

The main telephone order number is on 020 8404 1709 and there is a
30-day home approval with a satisfaction guarantee of a replacement
or a refund offered on any product supplied by Danbury Mint...

Ocean Masquerade Plate

Ocean Masquerade
by Robin Koni

Please note copyrighted picture, (c) 2000 MBI Inc. All rights reserved

Here’s the dolphin poem called ‘Ocean Masquerade’ and it features
a hidden message using the first letter of each line to read out what
the little treasure is all about, “Look for the hidden dolphins”...


Lovely dolphins gliding about,
Offering us their precious pout!
Of all God’s creatures down below
Kept safe for Mankind yet to know!
Facing the world with gracious grins,
Often flipping their dorsal fins,
Reaching down to the distant depths -
Truly savouring all their breaths!
Happily swimming back and forth,
Exploring East, West, South and North!
Having the time of their lives each day -
Instead of us who work for pay!
Dolphins are noble! Quick to smile!
Dolphins are graceful! They’ve got style!
Expressing joy to everyone...
Nurturing youngsters to have fun!
Dolphins delight to see us swim,
Opening friendship’s no mere whim!
Love’s the best answer, don’t you see!?
Precious as pearls to you and me!
Happiness comes to those who wait...
Inside each heart that doesn’t hate!
Nothing’s hidden from those who stare,
Seeking sweet dolphins everywhere...

Denis Martindale © July 2000.

This poem is about the exquisite Coalport bone china portrait of a
dolphin by Robin Koni and cleverly portrays the playful spirit of
both Man and dolphin! Inquisitive creatures take risks yet by faith
they usually improve themselves in the wondrous process called the
learning curve! By searching for the hidden dolphins in Robin’s
picture we are partaking in the artist’s perceptions of perspective
and colour and therefore increasing our own awareness of the truth
and the hidden truth ‘just below the surface’, so to speak! I was glad
to see more in the sea than I first saw! That’s what life’s about, it’s
a journey of discovery as anyone who watches the Discovery channel
will know! But just how many hidden dolphins are there in this
precious puzzle!? Dozens of dolphins? I’m still looking!!

‘Ocean Masquerade’ is ref: OMAP and is priced at £19.95 plus £1.95
postage and telephone orders are as explained above on 020 8404 1709.

Further info is on

The original picture and ordering details are found on:

Riding the Wave Sculpture

Riding the Wave by Mike Atkinson

Please note copyrighted picture, (c) 2000 MBI Inc. All rights reserved.

Here is the second dolphin poem...


Mid ocean spray the dolphins soar -
They’re always coming back for more!
Always eager and always spry!
Come and see the dolphins fly!
With eyes alert, as black as coal,
They leap for joy in full control!
Intent on pleasures to be found!
Come and see the dolphins bound!
Yes, every day the dolphins leap,
As if some vigil they should keep!
As if they knew such games were wise!
Come and see the dolphins rise!
They’re tumbling high and tumbling free,
In their great quest for ecstasy!
They sense that life’s a wondrous gift!
Come and see the dolphins lift!
The Lord above has blessed them all,
So dolphin fans can have a ball!
Though gravity they, too, obey,
Come and see the dolphins play!
Mid ocean spray the dolphins soar -
Heirlooms and treasures to adore!
For they’re most noble and most brave,
Riding high... upon the wave!

Denis Martindale © July 2000.

This second one is a truly splendid statuette of three dynamic dolphins
dramatically leaping for joy ‘on the crest of a wave’, hence the title
‘Riding The Wave’ and thereby leading to another end of July dolphin
devotional poem! The dolphin sculpture, by marine wildlife artist
Mike Atkinson, has a height of ten and a half inches and it so clearly
personifies, or should I say ‘dolphinifies’, the pleasure of complete
companionship and devotion to duty yet also the desire to enjoy life
‘to the max’ as the familiar slogan-toting USA ‘surf dudes with attitudes’
would say... Just as most of us enjoy surfing the Internet, so it is that
dolphins enjoy their perks, too! Further dolphin pictures are on the posters website and they are truly beautiful!
Use the SEARCH BOX ABOVE with the keyword dolphin... over 150 pictures!

Click this dolphin poster search link here!

The original picture and ordering details are found on:

Crashing Waves plate

Crashing Waves
by Robin Koni

Please note copyrighted picture, (c) 2000 MBI Inc. All rights reserved.


Here’s another poem based on a new dolphin product by
Danbury Mint which has been added at the end of July 2000.

Robin Koni’s ‘Crashing Waves’ statuette shows just how dynamic
they can be! No wonder that humans want to swim with dolphins!
Here is a viewpoint to think about in regard to their understanding
of our short-term friendships with them… If you’ve ever seen
people feeding dolphins then you’ll appreciate dolphins thinking
that we’re so friendly! How come we dash off suddenly and then
leave them completely alone? How come we don’t stay with them?


I’m glad to be a dolphin,
I can wave my fin at you!
I can smile my gracious grin
And then blow a kiss or two!
I swim as fast as boats can!
That’s amazing, don’t you think!?
And yet, don’t close your eyes, man,
Or I’ll vanish in a blink!
My home’s here, where I’m feeding…
My family’s around me…
I’d say that I’m succeeding,
As long as they surround me!

It’s great to go exploring
And to be a pioneer!
You see, there’s no ignoring
All the beauty that’s down here!
It doesn’t matter where we go,
As the beauty’s always there…
All colours of the rainbow
Bring us sights beyond compare!
The humans sometimes meet us
As they like to share their lunch!
It’s nice to see them greet us
As they seem a friendly bunch!

Great to see them now and then…
And yet, suddenly, they go!
Soon they wander off again…
Why they leave we just don’t know!
Yet I’m glad each dolphin saves
All the memories that they’ve shared:
All the times we’re crashing waves!
All the times when humans cared!
When you humans visit dolphins,
You’re made welcome neath the sky!
Come, let’s play and let’s be friends,
Till each one waves goodbye…

Denis Martindale © July 2000.

Priced at £19.95 (plus post and handling)...
Order instructions as above...

The original picture and ordering details are found on:


When dolphins dream they dream of stars,
Above the ocean's realm -
Starstruck by Saturn, Venus, Mars
And sights that overwhelm!
The planets move like eyes above
And stars like snowflakes fall...
Perhaps they signify God's love
Poured out on one and all...
Fluorescent flames of radiant power
Transcend both time and space,
Portraying precious gems each hour,
Outliving human grace...
The Universe seems full of life
Though mostly unexplored
And consciousness must battle strife
Till order is restored.
Thus dolphins line up in a team,
United, friend-by-friend...
A sovereign family meant to dream,
Till waves of starlight end...

Denis Martindale © June 2002.

Another fine porcelain collector's plate inspired this dolphin poem!
Artist Robin Koni has captured the powerful mystery and magical spell of
dolphins in his fantasy picture of a host of dolphins set against the
cosmic backdrop of the planets and the stars and the spiral gaseous clouds
with dynamic effervescent colours showing the parallels of the marine world
existence and the eternal and the seemingly unending outer world existence...

As dolphins look up at the night sky, how far can they see? Beyond the sun
and moon and Venus and the tiny dots that arc and glide there's a mystery
more powerful, namely life, and therefore the ability to think and to dream...

On Waves of Starlight is the name of the collector's plate available
for £22.95 (plus £1.95 postage and handling) using the orderline:
Telephone: 020 8391 2291 or from Danbury Mint, Cox Lane, Chessington,
Surrey, KT9 1SE (30-day money-back guarantee, promotional leaflet OWSP1)
The beautiful plate is 8.25" in diameter, edged with precious 22-carat gold...
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